3D printing with the VersaUV LEC-300 inkjet printer/cutter

DigInfo – www.diginfo.tv Roland DG VersaUV LEC-300 Related Links – www.rolanddg.com – www.dms-tokyo.jp (DMS 20th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo)


  1. bamboo4tameshigiri

    You could print up some really cool gadgets like a flexible circuit board. I still think the truly 3D printer is really cool, and you can get one the size of an average desktop PC (box) for less than 100 grand. I think being able to make 3d custom chess pieces or something would be a lot more cool.

  2. kukelz

    awesome machine

  3. Pokemon192XD

    4.900.000Y = 36.531Euros, hmm, not bad

  4. ard666

    sweet….they should make a residential one…I wonder how much it costs to replace the ink tho…

  5. Alfaris

    Haha what if they prefected these so that you could just 3-D print a house?

    That would be sweet.

  6. tacoguy1988


    3D printers could revolutionize manufacturing.

  7. Aerial29

    lol, someone would probably print a time bomb display and stick it to something at school…

  8. jhoags92

    They they say compact?

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