3D Printing Demo

Demo of manually printing simple 3D objects using an old inkjet printer … inkjet Zcorp powder 3d printer


  1. littlestworkshop

    Really neat and a clever use of paper for height control. Check out my videos for some of my 3D printer progress.

  2. scorch1974

    Thank you. I know your work well. Keep it up.

  3. chocolateprinted

    What shall they be used for?
    A lot of time spent…

  4. tabajaralabs

    Very interesting concept!!! Congratulations! But a chinese torture to do at home 😀

  5. scorch1974

    The blocks have no purpose. This was just a material test. (i.e. finding a powder that would work in a more complex system later)

  6. scorch1974

    Yes, it is a little tedious but it is a good setup for testing with small quantities of powder material.

  7. rwboghdady

    Good work …keep it …from success to another …

  8. getnetgetu

    I love you men

  9. l0sts0ng

    Oh wow do you have a link you could send to me by message about this project?

  10. scorch1974

    I am not actively working on this project right now. There is a yahoo group named diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication with people who have made more progress than I have.

  11. linuxlove4004

    now that is neat! i have that exact same printer!
    what kind of powder would I need to do this?

  12. PaXx

    How did you get that idea?

  13. izrafel1989

    i dont if my question if stupid but anyway……WHAT`S THE PAPER FOR?

  14. scorch1974

    When I remove one piece of paper it lowers the powder by the thickness of the paper. Which in turn makes the thickness of the next layer of powder equal to the thickness of the paper.

  15. scorch1974

    Discussions on the REPRAP forum.

  16. RupertsCrystals

    Cool. For your next trick, you could automate the bit where you add the powder. Get the platform to lower automatically using an old stepper motor.
    Not sure how you could add the powder automatically, though.

  17. kattejuice

    how strong is this material(like plastic or wood, soft or hard, solid or flexible ect…)
    plz reply!!!

  18. scorch1974

    It is pretty weak. I can squeeze/rub it between my fingers and turn it back to dust.

  19. kattejuice

    it would be the best DIY thing ever if it was like plastic

    still cool though!!!

  20. p7tms

    Did that need special software to get it to do the 3D print?

  21. scorch1974

    No, I just kept printing the same shapes over and over.

  22. p7tms

    What material did you print on? I was reading where cornstarch or dental plaster have been used, and was curious if it was one of thouse you printed on — or something else.

  23. GManGT


  24. namaske

    Hi scorch, nice video… I tried to do the same thing last year… and I would like to ask you what did you put into the catridge?

    thanks a lot for your reply

  25. scorch1974

    In the video I used HP ink so the viewer could see what was being printed. When I was experimenting I used plain water most of the time.

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